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Dual, Low Noise, Coaxial Cable Optimized For Three-Terminal Capacitance Measurements
Very high precision, three-terminal capacitance measurements can be affected by the self-inductance of the test cables, mainly at higher capacitance values. Magnetically induced noise can also reduce the quality of measurements. The cable now offered by Andeen-Hagerling both minimizes these problems and provides a way to standardize the residual self-inductance. High precision calibration measurements can now use a standard one meter length of test cable to minimize and standardize cable induced errors.

Outstanding Features

Specifications and Cross-Section View
Capacitance of one cable half: 106 picofarads/meter 
Center resistance of one cable half: 36 milliohms/meter 
Shield resistance of one cable half: 14 milliohms/meter 
Loop inductance at 1 kHz: 1.1 microhenries/meter
AH DCOAX cross-section drawing

Ordering Information Order Number
Standard one meter calibration cable DCOAX-1-BNC
Made-to-length BNC cable DCOAX-(length in meters)-BNC
Cable without connectors DCOAX-(length in meters)

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